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                             Living with a Tracheostomy has its own unique challenges that people

                                                    outside this community don't understand.


       That's why we opened The Trach Shop. This site was designed for the sole purpose of  bringing

         all of you living with a tracheostomy some joy and happiness. A place to find products that lift

    your spirits and self-esteem. A place you can visit and know there are people thinking about you and                                                    working hard to improve your quality of life.


                             Let the doctors take care of your condition and let us take care of you.


Let Your Love Shine


      My name is Traci and I'm the mother of a beautiful 17 year old girl who has a tracheostomy. Catie was born with a rare congenital condition that required her to be trached shortly after birth. Over the years of caring for and supporting her through countless doctor appointments and surgeries I came to realize how she and others just like her through no fault of there own were incredibly under served.


      With my background and expertise in  fashion design, I have made it my sole mission to bring new and exciting products to the market that will help the tracheostomy community look and feel great! I can't express how much these products have helped increase my daughters self-esteem and happiness! She can now go anywhere she wants with great confidence, without having to worry about people starring at her.


      Living with a trach can be hard some days. So I hope these products will help put a smile on your face and allow you to start each and everyday feeling great about yourself because you are beautiful and you are strong!

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